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ListGrabber is an email extractor software used to harvest email addresses and extract contact
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19 April 2010

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ListGrabber can extract name, address, email, phone and fax numbers, etc of business contacts from lists, online directories, email lists/ signatures, as well as spreadsheets and documents.

Pros: One of the most tedious part of the whole sales process is to create a list of prospects and get the information corresponding to name, phone, e-mail and other contact details as individual pieces of information. It then becomes easy to get them into sales follow up software packages like ACT! Or Goldmine or the plain old Excel spreadsheet and such other tools.

It will be nice if these details can be retrieved from lists available in the print domain such as yellow pages, white pages or even a mailing list purchased from appropriate source. These however have the information in a combined form not as the required fields separated out. What ListGrabber does is to recognize and retrieve these fields into the follow up software or a spreadsheet as required.

List capture is simple one click operation after settings have been done through the toolbar. Output is a list for review, duplicates are automatically checked by the program. All that remains to be done is to export the data into your chosen contact management software. The tool bar comes with several sample lists that can be selected to make sure your settings are working or to familiarize with the package. The sample lists exemplify several different formats the information may be available at, yet the information fields are grabbed properly into name, phone, fax etc fields.

The user interface is simple and easy as are the settings and operation.

Cons: Nothing obviously problematic was noticed with the application.

Overall: This is well designed and easy to use package that serves an useful purpose, a fit candidate for a 5 star rating.

Publisher's description

ListGrabber is a powerful, fast and reliable software intended to extract email addresses from various sources, as for instance, online web pages, local files, clipboard, plain text, and any other digital sources. ListGrabber accurately extracts contact information like email, phone number, address, name, website of your prospects in seconds. It is the best selling address capture software and can copy contact information of your prospects from any website. With ListGrabber you can build your targeted mailing lists by extracting contacts from online sources like yellow pages, super pages, white pages directories, membership directories, association websites, etc. ListGrabber is popularly know as contact grabber and is used for building telemarketing lists, email lists, mailing lists in seconds.
ListGrabber can:
-Capture Prospect and Business email Lists from Yellow Pages, Super Pages, White Pages, etc
-Capture B2B and B2C email addresses with a Click
-Extract Business Contact lists from the Internet
-Extract name, email, phone number of your prospects from the Internet
-Harvest contacts and email addresses from websites
This software will make the process of extracting email addresses a quick and simple one, enhancing your email marketing campaign. ListGrabber is the most powerful email extracting software used by business professionals to Extract email addresses from web pages. Use ListGrabber to extract emails from online directiories such as yellow pages, white pages, super pages and any other web source to provide you with a prospect database within a short period of time. Now you can capture contacts (email, name, address, company, website, phone number, etc) from websites and enter them into an excel spreadsheet in seconds. ListGrabber is a must-have for the professionals in the field of marketing. It's very simple in usage, fast and has a user-friendly interface.
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ListGrabber Standard
ListGrabber Standard
Version 2010
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User comments

Gary Hargraves
Got suckered into buying this only to find out it does not do what they claim it does. Its a rip off!
Downloaded program. Created many conflicts with firewall, and security software. Program failed to load properly. Current version is "2009", yet after "updating" to most recent version, it reverted to "2008". Sloppy, poor marketing performance. If vendor does not ensure that the eval copy works, what else is not functioning in the full version?
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